Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hero Quest Guide

Table of contents:

i - Requirements for Hero
ii - The Quest Begins
iii - Becoming Glorified
iv - Hero Arena
v - Hero Ranking
vi - Obtaining Higher Rank Equipment
vii - Hero Equipment

i. Requirements for Hero
Before you can become a hero you must meet these requirements:

You must be base level 500 and job level 140.

ii.The Quest Begins

Once you are maxed level you warp to [valkyrie 50 82] there you will talk to Sigmund he will tell you the Quest requirements for becoming a Hero:

Draconus <--click link for more detailed information
You firstly will need a [Draconus Scale] which is obtained from the MvP [Draconus] this monster can be found [mag_dun02]. It spawns once every 3 hours, you can check by using @uptime.

-Monster Statistics-
Level: 99
HP: 120000000 (120m)
SP: 1 (aka Infinite)
Def: 89
Mdef: 86
Str: 4381
Agi: 907
Int: 5281
Dex: 3143
Luk: 9999

ATK: 48000-64000
Range: 3~10~12
Size: Large
Race: Boss
Element: Ghost (Lvl4)

Draconus casts Lvl10 Meteor Storm and Storm Gust this deals damage from up to 100k x5/x10 hits. Its bowling bash is spammed, which is normally a 1 hit kill. I''ve tried several builds to survive it's bowling bash. It's impossible

It is a Ghost(Lvl4) element this means a Champ's Asura Strike or a Paladin's Sacrifice has absolutely no effect.

Human Skulls

He will ask you to obtain 100 Unique Skulls, but you can use the same one
e.g Unknown's Skull x 100 (can be used)
As long as it's a humans skull it will be converted.

The Quest of Doom

5x Emperium (dropped by Orc Zombie, Gold Adicus and Several MvPs)
50x Young Twig (dropped by Mistress)
10x Ancient Tooth (dropped by Deviace)
10x Biotite (dropped by Mysteltiann)
50x Illusion Flower (dropped by Shining Plants)
5x Oridecon (dropped by Alarm)
5x Elunium (dropped by Raydric)
50x Heroic Emblem (dropped by Orc Lord and Orc Hero)
1x Emperium anvil (dropped by Gift Boxes or bought at Mall)
30x Necklace of Oblivion (dropped by Rybio, Jakk, and Phreeoni)
30x Necklace of Wisdom (dropped by Marse and Medusa)
30x Blade of Darkness (dropped by Abyssmal Knight)
25x Gold (dropped by Leib Olmai, Grand Peco, Dokebi)
50x Executioner's Mitten (dropped by Rybio, Phendark)
50x Blade of Darkness (dropped by Abyssmal Knight)
1000x Feather (dropped by Sasquatch, Lunatic, Mushroom)
1250x Fabric (dropped by Lude, Whisper, Bought at Mall)
500x Destroyed Armors (dropped by any Turtle)
150x Trunk (dropped by Willow)
5x Star Crumb (dropped by Miyabi Doll, Bought in Mall)
5x Black Dyestuff •
5x Cobalt blue Dyestuff •
5x Scarlet red Dyestuff •
5x White Dyestuff •
10x Red Bijou •
10x Blue Bijou •
10x Green Bijou •
10x Yellow Bijou •
50x Fragment of Sorrow •
50x Fragment of Hatred •
50x Fragment of Despair •
50x Fragment of Agony •

• - These can be obtained through Gift Boxes
• - Abyss_01 - 03 Kill the different colored Dragons for the Bijou
• - These can be hunted by killing any Thanatos "minions" found throught tha_t04-11

Upon obtaining all these you will return to Sigmund in [valkyrie 50 82] talk to him and if you have completed all the item requirements you will transcend to a Hero Class:
- Return to Level 1/1 Hero Class (e.g. Lvl 1/1 Hero Paladin)
- 300 Stat Points
- 88 Skill Points
- Viri Ignis (aka Hero Aura [ 1x1 Splash Damage; 3% Atk])

iii - Becoming Glorified

Blacksmith Regin
After becoming a Hero, if you talk to Sigmund again he will mention about Blacksmith Regin at Einbroch.

Now warp to [ein_in01 28 85] and talk to Regin, he will take the rest of the Hero Quest item. He tells you to wait a while for him to create the item. Now you must wait 2 hours ONLINE in order for him to finish.

Once finish click the NPC and you will have obtained your [GLORIFIED] equipment

vi - Hero Arena

The Hero Arena is the area where Hero's level and raise their Hero Ranks. Here you will also be able to obtain the strong C,B,A,S Ranked Weapons.

First you must go to lighthalzen 40 240 and talk to the NPC named [Heimir]. He will describe to you a quest to enter this arena.

In order to enter this arena you must have 200 honor kills (Meaning you pk someone that is your base level or higher) and find an item called a [Heaven Flower]

Heaven Flower can be found in [odin_tem03] in random locations, they look like red flowers. Once you click on them 2 Lord Knight Seyrens appear and you must kill them. Once you kill them they drop the Heaven Flower, note that the chance is not 100% of dropping.

Once you have obtained 200 honor kills and a heaven flower return to Heimir and you will be warped to the [Waiting Room of the Heroes]

v - Hero Ranking

Each Hero starts off with D Rank, in order to reach higher levels you must:

-Kill Heroes in the Hero Arena
-Kill Monsters in the Monster Arena

Hero Experience Table

C - 6,553,600 hero experience
B - 24,567,000 hero experience
A - To be discovered
S - To be discovered

Rewards for Higher Hero Rank

vi - Receiving better Hero Equipment

Upon unlocking access to create better hero equipment you must find the npc that will create them, usually told to you by the npc in the hero arena waiting room. For each class its as follows

C - [lighthalzen 256 122] (hildebrand), must bring 100 steel, 20 emp, 10 ori, 10 elu, 100 steel, 10 star crumb + have twice the amount of wins compared to your losses in the hero arena + have at least 60 hero kills
B - To be discovered
A - To be discovered
S - To be discovered

vii - Hero Equipment

Hero Weapons

[Glorified Tsurugi] - [+5AGI, +5 Critical][Attack:160]
[Mythril Saber] - [+6STR, +8AGI][+40Hit, +6%MovementSpeed][Attack:190]

[Glorified Broadsword] - [+6VIT, +4Defense][Attack:170]
[Armada] - [+7STR, +12VIT][Increase Resistance to Medium Foes by 15%][Attack:200]

[Glorified Damascus] - [+3AGI, Lvl5DoubleSlash][Pierce Human Defense][Attack:148]
[Cris] - [+7AGI,+7%Flee,+7%Hit][Pierce Human Defense][Attack:178]

[Glorified Jamadhar] - [+3Critical, +5ASPD]
[Venom Tooth] - [+5AGI, +3STR][3%Chance of causing poison][Attack:225]
Feral Claws
Runic Talons

1H Axe
Glorified War Axe

2H Axe
The Chieftain

1H Spear
Glorified Lance
Dragoon Lance

2H Spear
Glorified Halberd
Dragon Tail
Spirit Lance

2H Staff
Spire of Lazarus
Eternal Staff

Glorified Sword Mace
Holy Maul
Heaven's Light

Glorified Tablet
Divine Tome
Tears of Fallen Angel

Glorified Arc Wand
Willow Staff
Staff of Sentinel
Divine Staff

Glorified Gakkung
Elven Bow
Shining Bow
Soul Bow

Glorified Finger
Viper's Fang

Glorified Guhmoongoh
Mythril Harp

Glorified Whip

Hero Armor

Glorified Chain Mail
Mythril Mail
Draconus Mail

All Jobs Except Novice
Glorified Mythril Shirt
Inferno Suit
Draconus Suit

Glorified Full Plate
Dragon Plate

Glorified Holy Robe
Elven Tunic
Divine Robe

Glorified Tights
Elven Tunic
Dragon Tights

Mage, Soul Linker
Glorified Mage Coat
Mythril Robe
Phoenix Coat

Glorified Ninja Suit
Dark Elven Cloth
Dragon Cloth

Glorified Lord Cloth
Blast Mail
Dragon Suit

Glorified Legion Plate
Bone Mail
Dragon Legion Plate

Super Novice
Glorified Composite Armor
Ceramic Armor

Hero Garments

Glorified Muffler
Glorified Manteau
Glorified Novice Manteau

Hero Footwears

Glorified Shoes
Running Shoes
Wing Shoes


Glorified Novice Shoes

Glorified Greaves
Dark Legion Greaves
Dragon Greaves